FindingHER – Your Midlife Makeover
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Together we will create your plan for success!

The FindingHER methodology will help you peel back the layers and clear the clutter of your midlife mayhem!  

Get ready to find your courage, clarity and confidence:

  • Identify your newly awakened midlife purpose that has you living for you first (so then and only then you can be great for others if you need to be)
  • Align your midlife purpose to your career so you can see it with fresh eyes and a vision for how it can be in service of you and not the other way around
  • Reset this midlife moment to develop an actionable roadmap that aligns your unique skills, talents, gifts and passions so you will live the rest of your life and career on your terms with joy and passion (e.g. reconnecting with the real “you” and not the “you” others have told you to be!)
  • Ensure you flourish and love your life and career in your second chapter!


Choose from TWO program options to support your CAREER and enhance your WELL-BEING.


Program Option #1
Supporting your career

Want to discover your purpose, pivot in your career and boost your confidence?

This is a 90 day program based on my 4 step framework to help you elevate your current job (leadership development and job fulfillment strategies) or pivot to a new job (Career purpose and Job Search strategies).

We dive deep into getting past all the overwhelm, chronic overthinking, people pleasing, self- doubt and fears you may have so you can get clear on your career purpose and move forward with a:

  • Renewed sense of clarity
  • The courage to use your voice
  • A step by step detailed plan to get promoted where you are or pivot and get hired into the job of your dreams!

    Choose The Midlife Career Reset!

    Program Option #2
    Enhancing your well-being

    Don’t need the career support, but feel like you’re only surviving and not thriving in your life? Need the tools and strategies to find your purpose and rediscover your inner joy?

    This is a 10-week group program that takes place in an intimate community of like-minded and like-hearted women just like you!

    This program covers 10 key positive psychology skills for creating greater happiness and flourishing.

    Each week you will build and deepen your well-being knowledge so you equip yourself with the tools and strategies you need to become happier, healthier and resilient.

    Choose The Flourishing Skills Experience!

      Programs are Group Coaching Experiences that can also be customized for your unique 1:1 coaching needs as required.

      The Midlife Career Reset

      Suzannah Kelly - Talk to me

      I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire.  I choose to inhabit my days to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it comes a wing, a torch, a promise.

      Dawn Markova – I will not die an unlived life

      Ready to reset and find what lights you up so you’re not waking up morning after morning with your heart in the pit of your stomach?

      Welcome to The Midlife Career Reset Program 


      The Midlife Career Reset is for you if your self-confidence is in crisis, if you’re feeling miserable in your career, you’re feeling lost in your life, looking in the mirror,  you don’t recognize yourself and you can’t remember the last time you had a straight thought or decision and you just need to get back to yourself:

        • Are you feeling unfulfilled, craving a reset in your life but unsure how to get there?
        • Is your negative self-talk the loudest voice in your head telling you are not good enough, not worthy enough, not smart enough and on and on?
        • Do you feel burdened by the weight of your life responsibilities and all the things you should be doing with no room for the things you truly want and desire to do?
        • Do you procrastinate or lack the motivation to take inspired action on those things in your life that would create your energy and bring you joy?
        • Do you sometimes look back at the carefree woman you used to be and wonder when did she disappear and where did she go leaving you feeling invisible and unseen?
        • Do you want to feel empowered with a self-confidence and belief in yourself that is deep rooted, unshakeable and brightly shining?
        • Are you living life according to the expectations of others and not your own, afraid of judgement, falling short or even afraid of your own strength and standards?
        • Do you feel burnt out, stressed out and overwhelmed, so busy trying to please everyone else, you forgo your own self care for the care of others?


          The Midlife Career Reset is for you!


          The Midlife Career Reset is for you if your Career is in Crisis: and you need support to find your true career purpose along with proven, effective job search strategies so you can land your dream career! 

           If you are:

          • Feeling bored and depressed in your current job but you’re struggling to figure out what your “dream job” would be let alone have any sense of how to answer a “where do you see yourself in 5 years” interview question…
          • Feeling stuck in a job that makes your stomach churn every morning but you need the money so you keep showing up feeling like you’re selling your soul…
          • Tired of working long hours, feeling undervalued and unappreciated and hopeless that you’ll ever receive a promotion in recognition for your work
          • Feeling conflicted about what a new role might mean for you, your family, your responsibilities and how you’ll make it all work
          • Desperately wanting to make a career change but you’re unsure how to even start let alone navigate a job search and interview process…
          • Have been a stay at home Mom but now want to enter the workforce and have no idea where to begin  or you’re worried that the world has moved on since the last time that you worked and you have forgotten too much…
          • Lacking confidence that you have what it takes to succeed in a new role and concerned you’ll “fail”
          • Wondering if you’ll ever have a job where you can wake up feeling happy and motivated to show up because you’re living your purpose and you feel like you’re contributing and valued…


          The Midlife Career Reset is for you!


          The Midlife Career Reset if for you if you want the inside track on how to be successful in your first 90 days so you can hit the ground running and get on the Rockstar Talent List from Day 1!

          Learn my powerful strategies for developing your personal brand and ensuring success in your first three months so you can:

          • Make a great impression with everyone you meet – confidently and with influence!
          • Quickly learn the culture and politics of the new organization to avoid critical rookie errors!
          • Build a strong relationship with your Boss and understand what’s important to them to get great results early and fast! 
          • Improve your job security by showing everyone what a great hire you were!


          The Midlife Career Reset is for you!



          The Flourishing Skills Experience

          Suzannah Kelly - Leadership Coaching

          Don’t need the career support but tired of feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, disengaged or over-stimulated and just need to “get yourself back again”?  Tired of taking care of everyone else and need to put yourself first for once?

          This program isn’t just about how to eat better or get more sleep – this guarantees to  put joy back into your life!


          Why do some people languish while other people flourish?


          Because in order to thrive, we  need to learn to build our reservoir of positive emotions, work through our negative emotions, build our willpower and create nurturing relationships.

          In other words – Find our Joy in Life again!

          Join The Flourishing Skills Experience – and take your Life from Mayhem to Magic!

          The Flourishing Skills Experience Program will give you all of those tools in an intimate and supportive group setting.

          Join this eye-opening workshop where you will:

          • Discover the formula for thriving and finding your happiness again, based on published, academic scientific research
          • Learn how to take back the reigns to your life through simple, proven tools for managing your thoughts, shifting your emotions and inspiring your actions
          • Identify simple tweaks to your daily schedule, outlook and habits that can lead to dramatic and measurable increases to your overall well-being

          Our groups meet weekly for ten consecutive weeks – each week building and deepening your happiness skillset leaving you feeling nourished and empowered. 

          You’ll get to connect with likeminded women to:

          • Learn to manage your stress!
          • Boost your daily happiness!
          • Create the conditions for your optimum health!
          • Learn the strategies that can help prevent health problems
          • Increase your self awareness so you can tap into your intuition more often and also trust it so you can stop your constant overthinking and overwhelm!


          The Flourishing Skills Experience is for you!



          The Flourishing Skills Experience is an intimate and heart-centred journey in uncovering and practicing the science of positive psychology.

          You will learn to appreciate your life, feel gratitude for the little (and big) things, leverage your unique strengths, gifts and talents and learn to interrupt your overthinking.

          You will leave this program transformed – nourished from the inside out and equipped to bounce back and flourish even better when life gets real!

          We meet weekly by zoom (or in person if groups are local) for two hours per week and each week covers:

          • A mindfulness and meditation practice
          • The introduction of a key positive psychology skill
          • Homework
          • Closing well-being practice

          Each week the structure stays the same and you will be introduced to a new skill in a fun supportive learning environment.  

          Group size is limited to 10 participants.

          Topics covered:


          Learn what the science of happiness and well-being (Positive Psychology) is all about.  Tell strengths stories and uncover the power of focusing on “what’s right with you” in a world that’s constantly focusing on what’s going wrong.


          Discover your top signature strengths are.  Learn about naming, spotting and amplifying strengths. Use these skills to become more effective in the world by leveraging what you’re already doing well. and not what you’re doing wrong.


          Learn about how evolution has biased your mind and body for negativity and how you can counter this tendency to worry, judge and ruminate by practicing gratitude.  Learn the science of gratitude and novel gratitude exercises.


          Positive life events alone are not enough to bring out happiness.  Harnessing these approaches to savouring enables you to get more positivity out of your day-to-day experiences.


          Learn to build more positive and authentic connections with the people in your life.  Uncover simple tools for helping the people in your life become happier and healthier.


          Many people waste their energy thinking about things they “should change” but rarely do.  Uncover this research based approach to effectively moving towards your best possible self.

          MIND CHATTER

          Is your mind-full or are you mindful? Learn about how your brain works. Identify how to redirect and reprogram your limiting beliefs to more empowering, solution oriented thoughts.

          HABIT CHANGE  

          Of course you can teach an old dog new tricks, you just need to know the science of how habits form and how they are broken.  Learn to identify the trigger, habit loop and appropriate rewards to break old habits.


          Forgiving does not mean forgetting.  Research shows that people who score high on forgiveness are happier than those who score the least.  Discover exercises for letting go of the past to be able to authentically move forward.


          Learn the science of intuition and how to tell the difference between the static and the signals.  Practice tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition.

          The group offered me an opportunity to be in the moment and feel completed supported by others around me.  It was so helpful to be in a supportive community where I could share anything I wanted to share – good or bad and other do the same.  I was reminded that we’re all human.  Simple exercises we did, honest conversations we had and the faith we had in each other was an incredible source of inspiration during this time in my life.

          Anna Grundstrom

          The Flourishing Skills Experience is for you!