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Welcome to the
Midlife Makeover

Are you ready to step into your full potential, embrace success, boost your confidence and feel your very best while thriving in your career in this next chapter of your life? Look no further because I have the perfect place for you!

Welcome to The FindingHER – Your Leader Within Facebook Group! – My Collective for women like yourself who are seeking guidance, inspiration and a support system to thrive both personally and professionally!

Why join us? Here’s what awaits you in our community:

Sisterhood and Support:

Connect with like-minded women from all walks of life who understand your journey, cheer you on and offer valuable advice and encouragement. We’re all about coming together to support, inspire and uplift each other! Whether you’re facing career crossroads, relationship challenges or simply searching for a deeper sense of purpose, this group is your sacred space to connect, learn and grow.

Engaging Midlife Discussions:

Gain insights, share experiences and receive valuable advice from your network of women walking a similar path. We tackle those midlife challenges head-on so we can emerge stronger than ever!

We will share resourceful tools and strategies to support your journey so you can transform your midlife chaos into a powerful opportunity for personal and professional career growth.

Career Conversations:

And speaking of professional growth – we will also be talking all things job related – practical tips, tools, techniques to support your career, build unshakeable confidence and overcome any obstacles standing in your way!

Participate in career conversations, share your experiences and contribute to a growing community where your voice matters! A space for you to shine!

So, if you’re ready to break free from your Midlife Mayhem and step into your Midlife Magic – this group is for you!  We’re honoured to have you!

And More!