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Empowering women through all stages and transitions of their lives and careers


You’re a strong, ambitious, career woman who has hustled her way to the top. Long days. Late nights.  Big job. Big title.  All while managing your family, raising your kids, running your home, dealing with parents, and let’s not forget about the voluntary work on weekends!


They told us women "can have it all" and you proved them right!  You did it!  Working mom. Great leader.   You’re a  woman who can take charge and step out powerfully in the world with confidence. You  own your voice and your own space and project yourself as a true leader in your life and your career! And it used to feel really good, right?


Except one day, you woke up and you realized that you’re:

Unhappy. Dissatisfied. Worn out.

This working mom, having it all thing, is exhausting. Having it all meant losing parts of yourself along the way. Having it all meant being taken for granted and feeling undervalued. Having it all meant staying silent to keep the peace and survive another day, showing up to a job day after day that was exhausting and unfulfilling, another project, another meeting and heaven knows you already have enough stress at home – picky kids, tired partner, homework, after school activities...the list goes on.


Having it all meant your needs always came last.


It feels like it was a great lie and you believed it (to be fair, we all did).


Are you:


    • Feeling constantly overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities and all that you do for everyone else?
    • Doubting yourself about your past choices, decisions and mistakes?
    • Feeling lost from all the messages you've bought into telling you who you should and are allowed to be?
    • Resentful at seeing the dreams you once had...slipping away as you’re so consumed with supporting everyone else with their dreams?
    • Dissatisfied in your relationships as you see the disempowering dynamics you've allowed to take root in your life?
    • Stuck in a rut in your career, working on autopilot but not sure what else to do even if you could, you’ve been at it so long?
    • Stuck and powerless to get past the negative feelings and make any kind of change in your life?
    • Wondering "is this it? Is this really how I’ll live the rest of my life?"
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I have learned and experienced a lot along the way, and my job, passion and purpose now is to be able to share it with you!

Suzannah Kelly, Certified Career Coach

Life Empowerment & Leadership Career Strategist

Suzannah Kelly

I am a Human Resources Executive and a Certified Executive Leadership Development, Career Coach and Life Coach. I use my training and certifications in positive psychology, human flourishing, resilience and mental health as well as my long career focused on building dynamic workplace cultures and inspiring employee experiences to inform my coaching services.

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

Marie Curie



"It’s easy to lose yourself, but it’s possible to find yourself."

Suzannah Kelly, Certified Career Coach