Midlife Awakening

We’re halfway through our lives…and it’s time for change

Some call it a Midlife Crisis – I call it a Midlife Awakening and ….if you’re here – I’m glad. It’s a good thing! It means you are waking up to the fact that you are not living your life the way that you want to or once dreamt of and you know, deep down in your belly that you were meant for more! We’re halfway through our lives…and it’s time for change because if not now…when? It’s time to move into your Second Act and make it the best one yet. Time to thrive! Time to Flourish! Time to become the woman you were always destined to be before life and your career got in the way and turned you into someone you look at in the mirror and no longer recognize.


Slowly you’ve realized that the career that once fulfilled you, consumed you and nourished you – now just fills you with dread. If you have to sit in another pointless meeting, you’ll scream. If you have to arm up for yet another presentation where you know you’ll be on the hot seat, you’ll run. Most days you just feel numb. You’ve lost your passion for it and you’d rather be anywhere else except…who doesn’t need the money and giving up the title you hustled so hard for, for so many years, seems inconceivable. So you’re there…faking it day after day, shallow breathing, keeping your mask straight and fixing the crown that’s digging into your scalp.


So much confusion and constant overthinking about your life. Night after night, staring at the ceiling – wondering “how did I get here?” and “how can I change it?” and “is this really it?” You feel so stuck because you’ve been at it all so long…….you’re not even really sure what change looks like and even if you did – where would you even start?

Here’s the secret:

Your Career is just one part of that funny old thing called Life and when our career aligns with our values, passions and strengths, it enhances our overall life satisfaction….and when our lives are in balance and we have the right tools and resources to support our own well-being as well as that of the people we love or lead….. – it’s amazing how everything will fall back into place with much greater clarity, alignment and purpose! THIS is the formula we need to thrive and flourish!