Is perfectionism holding you back?

Are you a perfectionist?


Feeling good about the inordinate level of detail you control? Haven’t released it yet because “just one more review?” Driving your team crazy with all the rewrites and edits
Perfectionism – your Badge of Honour! It is important to have high standards. It is important that we do quality work and in some professions and/or industries, there is no margin for error. Consequences can be detrimental, fatal ….. tragic. Of course. If however….you are living your life, day in day out on the hamster wheel of perfectionism, it’s time to think again.

Perfectionism is a story we tell ourselves and self-imposed cage we use:

  • To keep ourselves safe
  • To avoid feelings of shame and inadequacy
  • To mask our lack of self-confidence.

By being perfect, you have permission to not feel bad about yourself. However, you never quite feel good about yourself. Perfectionists aren’t trying to achieve something great. They’re trying to avoid something negative. Sure, people might admire perfectionists from afar but….

  • It wastes a lot of time.
  • It creates a lot of stress.
  • You lose sight of the big picture.
  • You’re never happy with your results

We continue to feel inadequate And so the cycle to chase perfectionism starts again! You can’t lead through your life or career on a platform of perfectionism! If this is you, it’s keeping you stuck!